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As a practicing radiologist, I‘m acutely aware of the vast amount of information that I need to process during my working day.


The problem isn’t necessarily having access to this information. 


The problem is having access to the right knowledge (ideally from a trusted colleague or source) to occasionally support my analysis, exactly when I need it. 

Current digital solutions don't deliver.


I have therefore created Sectaur in order to provide diagnosticians with a readily accessible, integrated digital tool to help us do our jobs with reassurance, speed and accuracy.

It is a collaborative tool for doctors who want to thrive in the information age.

Dr Hament Pandya MBChB (UK) FRANZCR


The Sectaur ecosystem...

The software platform exists as part of a broader system to support learning, wider collaboration and growth.

Sectaur Software Platform

The Sectaur platform enables peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and learning, with a little assistance from Augmented Intelligence

Sectaur Institute

An educational portal to support  learning, featuring a wide variety of topics & courses for medics and IT health professionals alike

Sectaur Community

A place for like minded innovators in health.

Blogs, a podcast, events and more...

Let’s Work Together

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